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Dane County Drainage District Meeting
Aug 29, 2017




Drainage Districts 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 21, 22, 25, 27, 28 and 29


The Dane County Drainage District Board has scheduled a public meeting to discuss items listed below.

Date:           August 29, 2017

Time:           6:30 p.m.

Location:    Bristol Town Hall

7747 County Road N

Sun Prairie, WI 53590


You have the right to inspect project documents related to any agenda item before the public hearing.  The project documents are available upon request.


If you have any questions prior to the meeting please contact one of the following board members:  Scott Ringelstetter at (608) 347-4159 or scott@ringelstetter.net, Paul Maly at (608) 695-1623 or spdrainage@hotmail.com, or Leonard Massie at (608) 512-7372 or lrmassie@wisc.eduOR Attorney John C. Mitby at 608-575-4077 or jmitby@hbslawfirm.com.


All objections to the jurisdiction of the Drainage Board or to content, sufficiency or legality of issues must be submitted in writing to the Drainage Board prior to the hearing; such objections shall be set forth clearly and in detail.



1.     Call to order

2.     Approval of minutes from District Board meeting on June 15, 2017

3.     Set date for annual inspection

4.     District 4:  Need to determine adequacy of tile main to remove ¾” of water from cropland acreage.  May need to determine cost of 2nd main tile

5.     District 7: 

a.      About $15,000 to replace bridge with large culvert

b.     What Chapter 30 Permit is needed from DNR

6.     District 8:  2-1/2 miles of work from Cty. N outlet to Cty. TT – estimated cost $80,000

7.     District 9:

a.     Need work on 10,000 feet from sewage treatment plant to south outlet across Bailey Road – estimated cost $130,000

b.     Need Sun Prairie costs for dumping water into District

8.     District 11:  Discussion w/owners regarding brush control?

9.     Any further work to close out District 14?

10.  District 21:  Cost for cleanout of Lateral 1 and Main Ditch from CTH N east to outlet

11.  District 22: 

a.     Finish detachment of Village of DeForest

b.     Status of cleanout of Lateral 1 and Main Ditch along Hickory Lane from CTH N to I-39/90-94

12.  Status of Drainage District 23 (CEA—check JCM folder)

13.  District 25:

a.     Discussion regarding reimbursement from Village for tree removal in DeForest ($1,450)

b.     Report of Leonard Massie on water runoff on to property of Christine Lamm

14.  District 28:

a.     Status/cost of Merrick ditch

b.     Assessment to recover costs of cleanout work in Lateral 4, 5 and 7

15.  Status of engineering estimates for some work that needs to be done?

16.  Review funds on hand at Treasurer’s office for each District

17.  Assessments:

a.     Need assessments for districts not assessed in 2016 (4, 8, 10, 16, 21, 25, 27 and 28)

b.     Discuss assessments in other districts, specifically 4, 8, 9 and 28

c.     Confirm district reserves

d.    Review and approve general administrative costs (board fees, publication costs, and legal fees) and outstanding  bills/expenses

e.     Follow-up on how to assess managed forest lands for benefits and costs

f.      Need Orders on Assessment for Costs in each District approved by Board

18.  District 23 – inquiries into reactivating district.  If reactivated, lots of work to be done in ditch

19.  Petition discussion with regard to dissolving inactive districts in 3, 5, 6, 12, 13, Deerfield No. 1, Middleton Farm Drainage, Districts  17, and 24

20.  Discussion on Rattlesnake District

21.  Public input – adjustments to agenda?

22.  Tentative Date for next meeting

23.  Adjourn


Scott Ringelstetter, Chair

Leonard Massie, Secretary

Paul Maly, Board Member

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