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Regular Board Meeting
May 14, 2018

 Town of Exeter

Regular Board Meeting

May 14, 2018

7:30 PM


All board members present as was Clerk Christen

General: 6 people in attendance

Chair Fahey called the meeting to order and stated the meeting had been properly posted


Minutes:  April 9, 2018, MOTION (MG/RZ), all in favor, approved.

Treasurer report:  April ending balance was $465, 913.60, MOTION (RZ/MG), all in favor, approved.

Announcement: Clerk Christen-Open Book and BOR are approaching, May 24 and 31 respectfully; WTA County meeting Wednesday, May 16 for board members.

Supervisor report:  Chair Fahey noted we had 2018 road work bids had been opened and would be approved tonight.  He also noted that 2 cemetery plots had been purchased in Exeter Cemetery.

Citizen Input: none


              Park-a light will be purchased for the flagpole, Capstone project (University students will provide             a design for the future plans of the park) moving forward, small shelter is making progress, next meeting June 5 at 6:30 pm.

              Recycling Center-3 dumpsters not emptied at opening on Saturday but Pellitteri arrived right     away and emptied them.  Mark noted with the addition of new houses we will need to re-evaluate the needs at the recycling Center versus the cost.

Unfinished Business:

Betty Grotophorst  had volunteered to talk to the land owner next to the town hall at the Annual Meeting regarding the purchase of the property and the lien on the property.  She needs to get a copy of the lien to provide to the land owner.

Hughes Rd-DNR met with residents of Hughes Rd, water can be funneled to the ditch but cannot be pumped into the creek.  Ditch through the field or road way ditch could be options but the renter of the Ag land will not allow any ditches be constructed on the property.  Chair Fahey talked at length to Brad Benfield, only option would be to run a ditch on the back side of the properties and drain to the ditch of Hwy 92.  The residents are thinking they will move forward with having the grades shot of the land at their expense as next step.

New business:

New Glarus Library-Mark Renner, presented information on the library, the fundraising campaign needs a million dollars raised for the village to match $1,000,000. He noted that 90-100 people in Exeter have library cards.

Chair Fahey stated that we will present two budgets this fall and let the people decide if we support the New Glarus as well as the Belleville libraries.

2018 road work bids-    

              Sealcoat:            Christen and Tunnel Roads

                                           Scott  $36,244                  Fahrner $38,335

              Slurry:                 Christen and Tunnel Roads

                                           Fahrner              $60,674              Struck & Irwin $53,587.60


              Wedging:            Hawk Ridge ($3,705), south end of Christen Rd ($18,705), Tollefson Lane                                              (13,050) and Fahey Rd ($7,200)

                                           Green County


Bids discussed briefly and MOTION (MG/RZ) to approve Scott (sealcoat) and Green County Highway (wedging), there will not be any slurry seal this year.  All in favor, approved.

Chair Fahey then noted that Road Patrolman John Abey had asked for a leaf blower to be used to blow off headstones in the cemetery and blow water from holes when patching. This would be a general maintenance purchase, no motion necessary.

Bills: MOTION (RZ/MG), approve as presented, all in favor, approved.

Adjourn: MOTION (MG/RZ), all in favor, adjourned. 8:50 pm


Respectfully submitted,


Candee J. Christen, Clerk, WCMC







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