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Regular Board Meeting
Jan 08, 2018

 Town of Exeter

Regular Board Meeting

January 8, 2018



Board in attendance: Chair Fahey, Supervisors Gundlach and Zweifel and Clerk Christen

General: J. Christen, E. Short, A. Chapman, M. Peterson, L. Riese, S. Smith, L. Derrickson, B. Grotophorst, D. Christen

Chair Fahey stated the meeting had been properly posted.


Minutes- December 11, 2017,MOTION (MG/RZ), all in favor, approved.

Treasurer report- December ending balance $1,333,528.77, large portion of that is advanced tax collections. The January tax settlement/school payments total $2,154,431.00.  The final December collections ACH received January 2 total $1,092,547.12. MOTION (RZ/MG) to approve, all in favor, approved.


Chair Fahey then moved on to Ed Short-(Exeter Design) to accommodate dual meetings for Ed.  Ed presented the board with a CSM for Tim Helwig that re-configures his lot lines to separate his current house and outbuildings (Lot 1, 4.576 acres) leaving a remaining 77.311 acres which Tim will build a new home on, no splits used. MOTION (MG/RZ), all in favor, approved.



              Clerk Christen reported the tax collections and monies to be paid to the schools. 

              Also noted there will be a Spring Primary election on February 20th, absentee ballots will be available in 3 weeks.    

              The WTA meeting in Mineral Point will be held Friday, February 16; the board will attend for BOR training.

              Chair Fahey noted he had helped the family of a deceased 15 year old boy choose a burial plot. 

              The Western Star snowplow truck had a major exhaust repair ($12,000) completed.  With only 10,000 miles it     was just out of warranty but the truck manufacturer stepped up and covered it.

              Fire and EMS Association meeting to be held Tuesday, January 9.  Chair Fahey has a County Board          meeting that night but Supervisor Gundlach will attend the Fire and EMS meeting.


Citizen Input-

              Stefan Smith updated the board on his request to close West Street.  He had a brief conversation with Dale         Ryan.  Chair Fahey stated he had a conversation with Dale and Dale agreed to closing the closing of West Street               and using Havens Street for access to his property.  He has concerns with how drainage will be established and    Chair Fahey would recommend that everyone meet on site to discuss the concerns and be on the same page               before an attorney is involved.  A meeting will be set up by the parties involved.


Committee Reports-

·       Park/MG-John Dohm has received an extension for the shelter at the park and will have adult assistance with the construction.

·       Senior Citizens/RZ-, approved the 2018 budget with a 4% increase. Clerk Christen checked the seniors’ final approved levy figure Roger provided with Exeter’s approved levy.  The levy amounts matched.

·       Recycling/MG-increase is Cost of Living, extra time to clean out container cost $30 each pick up.  A request for a compactor cost has been made but the Clerk has not received any info to date.


Unfinished business-

·       Linda Derrickson updated the board on the status of the fence request per State Statutes.  She had mailed a certified letter per the instruction of the board to the neighbor but it was returned to her, the neighbor did not sign for it.  She is wondering what the board will do to assist with the issue per State Statutes.  She noted that it will soon be spring and she needs this fence installed to complete her pastures.  She has the woven wire and will donate that to the job.  She will hire a lawyer but states the law is the law and she is asking that the law be followed.  She has installed the largest portion of the fence and there remains 150-250 ft. yet. Chair Fahey stated that she is correct and the town may need to be involved. The town will send Linda’s letter again along with a cover letter from the town. Linda will supply an estimate of construction to the clerk.


·       Discussion of Ordinance 16-02-08A attachment (hours of operation for license)

              Previously discussed was the update of hours from one week (7days) per month to a more

              current amount of hours to better serve the public and the need for a seasonal application.

              MOTION amend the hours of the attachment to Ordinance 16-02-08A to 5 days a week,  40 hours per week             minimum, there is not a maximum, Regular license and Seasonal license would be a minimum of 7 months, 5 days week, 40 hours total (MG/RZ), all in favor, approved.


New Business-

·       Lynda Riese, land division per the Land Use Plan-separating the existing farm buildings (9.83 acres) from the farmland (50.05 acres) MOTION (MG/RZ), all in favor, approved.


·       Allan Chapman-request to rezone property to commercial for the purpose of establishing an owner occupied bar/eatery. The Exeter Plan Commission supports the re-zone and recommends it to the board for approval.

              Chair Fahey noted that the proposed business needs to be zoned commercial per Green County Zoning.

              MOTION (MG/RZ) to support the Exeter Plan Commissions’ recommendation and approve the rezone to     commercial the Allan Chapman property for the establishment of an owner occupied bar/eatery.  Conditions for the establishment will be established by Green County Zoning.


Bills-pay as presented with the note of the additional charges per above.  MOTION (MG/RZ), all in favor, approved.


Adjourn-MOTION (RZ/MG), all in favor, adjourned.  8:35 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Candee J. Christen, Clerk



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