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Regular Board Meeting
Feb 12, 2018

 Town of Exeter

Regular Board Meeting

February 12, 2018

7:30 PM


All board members present as was Clerk Christen

General: B. Grotophorst, J. Christen, D. Gutman, L. Derrickson

Chair Fahey stated the meeting had been properly posted.

Minutes:  January 8, 2018, MOTION (MG/RZ), all in favor approved

Treasurer Report:  January ending balance was $872,408.68, interest was $2,095.91. The February settlement with the County and schools will be paid tonight, total of $666,464.43.  MOTION (RZ/MG) all in favor.

Announcements:  Clerk Christen reported the engineering report had been received for the TRIP project; Workhorse has change of ownership-long term IT assistant Francisco has purchased the accounting program but john Gasper will remain as support two days a week. The clerk will be attending training on March 1st at Montrose.  The boar d will be attending BOR training on Friday, February 16 as well as attending Green County WTSA meeting on February 21.

Chair Fahey announced he issued two driveway permits in January, the salt contract with the State has been delivered, and the reserve is still on hold if needed.

Citizen Input:  B. Grotophorst introduced herself as the incumbent Green County Board Supervisor District 29 and is seeking re-election, noting she is challenged by Mark Gundlach, Town Board Supervisor 2.

Committee Reports:

              - Park meeting will be March 6 at 6:30 pm

              - Recycling Center- MG has been looking into the use of trash compactor at the Recycling Center, it would replace the 8 yard containers for trash only and we would remove the 8 yarders allowing more room for recycling containers. A compactor can be leased or purchased used or new. The 8 yard waste containers cost $1,700 currently.  We would need to install three phase power and a cement pad for the compactor.

Unfinished Business:  Linda Derrickson updated the board on the status of her fence project; she has an estimate form Roger Sager Fencing of $1305 and a new letter for submittal by the board.  The estimate does not include the cutting of the brush which Roger quoted at $350 to clear brush. 

After discussion the Chair said the town will send a letter highlighting the law along with Linda’s letter seeking cost share of the project.  Will update the progress at the March meeting.

New Business:

              - Discussion of closure of portions of Havens and West streets, S. Smith, D. Ryan and C. Olson     has approached Chair Fahey regarding the closure of portions of the roads. The town will pursue the legal process and move forward with the necessary steps.  A petition needs to be submitted as well as a Lis Pendins filed.  The town will need to continue a 66 ft. portion of  Havens to allow D. Ryan access to his property and not land lock it.

              - WI DOT has contacted the Clerk regarding the closure of Havens Street that was once old Hwy 92.  Upon reviewing their records some cleanup of the discontinuation of the havens needs to be recorded.  The clerk will follow up with the town attorney on the necessary legal process for this.

              -Green County All Hazards Mitigation Plan Resolution 18/02/12, an update to the plan required by Green County,  necessary to seek funding in the event of a natural disaster.  MOTION (MG/RZ) all in favor, approved. All hazards mitigation resolution litigation.

BillsMOTION (MG/RZ) approve as presented, all in favor, approved.

Adjourn:  MOTION (RZ/MG), all in favor, adjourned. (8.22 pm)

Respectfully submitted,

Candee J. Christen, Clerk

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