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Regular Board Meeting
Oct 09, 2017

 Town of Exeter

Regular Board Meeting

October 9, 2017

7:30 PM


All board members present as was Clerk Christen

General: 3 citizens

Chair Fahey called the meeting to order and noted the meeting had been properly posted.


Minutes-September 11, 2017, MOTION (MG/RZ), all in favor, approved.

Treasurer Report-September ending balance was $395,177.16. MOTION (RZ/MG), all in favor, approved.


Announcements-Clerk Christen updated the board on the required training and changes to the WRS program;  DOT Aid is up for 2018;  application of Fire Dues and necessary loan for new fire truck to be ordered by Fire Department.

Chair Fahey provided further detail regarding the purchase of a new fire truck by the Belleville, Exeter, and Montrose Fire Department.


Committee Reports-

              Park-Supervisor Gundlach reported on the recent park meeting; John Dohm is still working on the shelter plans                  for the park; Thank you cards for the picnic donations have been handed out.

              Recycling-committee met; made a few tweaks the rules handout and it will be re-typed. 2018 stickers will be                      handed out starting in December.


Citizen Input-

              Dale Gutman asked about the rules regarding the splitting of land what is the minimum lot size; was informed of                the Land Use Plan and that a person must have 30 acres in Exeter to split 1.5 acres.

              Chair Fahey then noted he had conversation with Dale Ryan (per Stefan Smith’s request last month) -                                he is willing to cooperate to have West Street closed and have Haven Street opened for access to his property.                 He would like to see what the drainage issue would be and how it is handled.  Stefan Smith was not present to                   continue the discussion.


Unfinished Business- none


New Business-

               -Clerk Christen explained the Recycling Grant audit by the DNR and the request they made to update the hours                   of operation in our Recycling ordinance to accurately reflect the times of operation.  MOTION (MG/RZ) to                          update the hours of operation to 7am to 3pm, all in favor, approved.

              -the new leased tractor has been delivered; Chair Fahey had the agreement for approval, MOTION (MG/RZ) to                   approve the rental agreement of the John Deere, 350 hours at $21 per hour for a total due of $7,350.00

              -Budget work meeting set for Thursday, October 26 at 2 pm

Bills-Approved as presented, MOTION (MG/RZ), all in favor.

Adjourn- MOTION (RZ/MG), all in favor.  8:15 pm


Respectfully submitted,


Candee J. Christen, Clerk


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