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2018 Budget Hearing
Nov 28, 2017


Budget Hearing

November 28, 2017



Board in attendance: Chair Fahey, Supervisors Gundlach and Zweifel and Clerk Christen

General: Jay Christen, Jeremy Biermeier


Chair Fahey opened the Public Hearing, the proposed 2018 budget was reviewed and

Asked if anyone had questions, there being none the hearing was closed. 7:05 PM


Special Town Meeting for Budget Purposes-


Chair Fahey asked if there were any questions on the 2018 Highway Budget.  Jay Christen asked about the increase in brush removal (Green County is being hired to clear cut back overgrown areas on roads). Jeremy Biermeier asked who does the majority of road repair work in the town. (Green County Highway does bulk of work but the board does approve bids from outside companies).

The 2018 Highway Budget of $277,803.24 was approved, MOTION (JB/JC), all in favor.

2018 town tax levy of $484,780.00 (resulting mill rate of .002639817) was briefly discussed and approved, MOTION (JC/JB), all in favor.


Chair Fahey brought forth the policy of compensating the board members for emergency hours worked during storm damage, back up snowplowing, etc.; currently pay is $10 per hour.  Chair Fahey asked that the board be compensated at $20 per hour for emergency hours only.

MOTION (JB/JC)to increase the hourly pay for emergency work by the board from $10 to @20 per hour, all in favor, approved.


MOTION (MG/RZ)to adjourn the Special Meeting, all in favor, adjourned 7:20 PM.


Special Board Meeting-


Chair Fahey called the Special Board Meeting to order at 7:15 PM.

Purpose of the meeting was to discuss/approve the 2018 budget.

2017 budget minutes approved, MOTION (RZ/MG) all in favor.


2018 total budget of $695,975.47, approved, MOTION (RZ/MG), all ayes, approved.


Adjourn, MOTION (MG/RZ), all in favor, adjourned. 7:25 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Candee J. Christen, Clerk

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