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Regular Board Meeting
Aug 14, 2017

 Town of Exeter

Regular Board Meeting

August 14, 2017

7:30 PM


All board members present as was Clerk Christen.

General: 11 residents, 1 non-resident

Chair Fahey called the meeting to order and stated the meeting had been properly posted.


Minutes: July 10, 2017, MOTION (MG/RZ), all in favor, approved.

Treasurer Report: July ending balance was $415,881.03. MOTION (RZ/MG), all in favor, approved.


Announcements: Clerk Christen noted the dates for Open book (Sept. 16) and BOR (Sept. 20) had been set. Preliminary equalized value has been posted, it is up this year $13,923,200.00, $206,468,600.00.

Chair Fahey noted that the fire department continues the bidding of a new fire truck, possible bid of $350,000 which Exeter would pay 40% of the truck.


Committee Reports:

              Park-(Mark) Park picnic is set for September r 10th, everything for the event is donated.

              The Boy Scouts from Stoughton will be camping at the park on Friday and Saturday night, will do   some mulching around the tree in the park.

              The river bank will be mowed back in the next few days to clear some invasive trees.

               Wednesday, August 16 is a County towns meeting in Monroe.

              The Flag pole has been installed.


Citizen Input:

 Majority of citizens present were in support of the Green County Livestock siting moratorium.  A few spoke in favor of the Town of Exeter remaining in the moratorium and not opting out.  Discussion followed.


New business:

1.        Future building site and land purchase- Roger will reach out to Bill Wolf to see if he was interested in continuing the land sale.


2.       Green County Livestock Opt out Authority- he board briefly discussed the Opt out Authority, MOTION (MG/RZ) to remain in the Moratorium for a total of 270 days, no extension.  All in favor, approved.


BillsMOTION (MG/RZ) all in favor to approve as presented.

Adjourn:  MOTION (RZ/MG) all in favor, adjourned. 8:15 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Candee J. Christen, Clerk




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