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Annual Meeting
Apr 19, 2017

 April 19, 2017

Annual Meeting

Board in attendance as was Clerk Christen

General in attendance: Jay Christen, Betty Grotophorst, Siggi Eckhart, Prya Nataraj, Todd Halverson

Minutes: Read from April 20, 2016, MOTION (JC/MG) all in favor, approved.

Financial Report:  Kevin Kryzinski-Johnson Block reviewed the 2016 financial statements of the town. He noted the annual complete audit of the town had been finished.

·       Balance Sheet- balance at the end of the year was $2,443,520, the majority of that is advance tax collections for local and vocational schools and the county/state.

·       $294,511.00 was Exeter’s fund balances, general debt was $82,566, unassigned/carryover cash was $47,502, about 8% of the town’s budget.  The recommendation is 15-25% but Exeter does not have a lot of debt so would have good borrowing abilities.

·       87% of town’s revenue consists of property tax, State Shared Revenue and DOT.

·       Kevin noted the highway construction was purposely under budget so a carryover line item was created to allow the use of the funds on a large TRIP project.

Chair Fahey asked if there were any questions of Kevin, there being none the motion was made to approve the 2016 financial report.

MOTION (SE/TH), to approve the report all in favor, approved.

Chair Fahey then reviewed the activities in the town for the year.

·       13 housing permits issued, highest in 10 years.

·       Fire and EMS are the highest portions of our budget. New director of the EMS feels the EMS can get by with volunteers versus hired.  Rates will not be increased and paid EMTs will not be something considered in the near future.  Discussion followed about the calls per fire and ems into Exeter.

·       Fire station is replacing windows, doors and new wires and roof. Wiring was not up to code.

·       The biggest battle for the fire department is daytime staffing of the rigs.  Training requirements are tough to meet.

·       The approved and planned purchase of the land next door to the town hall was discussed, offer to sell was signed but title search revealed  there was a lien on the property that the seller must clear so the purchase is at a standstill at the moment.  Jay asked if we paid lien ($6,000), if the purchase could be finalized.  Roger said the seller would close the purchase if we would pay the lien off but Chair Fahey stated a new meeting seeking elector approval would be necessary to approve the additional money to be paid.  Chair Fahey is not considering that for the time being.

·       Park updates, a picnic for the 10th anniversary of the park is being planned, a 30 ft. flagpole is to be installed, and Eagle Scouts will be building a mini shelter that will hold 2 picnic tables.


Chair Fahey wanted to discuss with those present the addition of broadband to the county and the requested donation of $750 per muni and the fact that the grant being applied for will not begin to cover installation of broadband for the entire county. 

Chair Fahey asked Betty G. for county board highlights. Betty talked about the large dairy approval.  Extension office is changing; services will be severely cut so we are losing a number of positions. Changes are coming in the near future for all of Extension agencies.

Chair Fahey then stated that comments from the people would be opened up.

Siggi asked when roads would be striped. Chair Fahey stated that the local roads are not striped and that the County tries to get county roads done on a 3 year rotation, at the cost of $3,000 per mile.

Chair Fahey noted that the new county services buildings is progressing with dirt is moving for the foundation,  he noted that the jail is in desperate need, $30,000,000.00 to build new,  sending inmates out town now to help with space and safety.

Chair Fahey also made mention the County has adopted 3 kids into the County services system, that are being taken care of at the cost being $20,000 per week, as the current foster homes have abandoned the kids.

Betty asked about the headstones that are broke and laying in the fence rows in West Cemetery. Betty has started to pull them out of the fencerows and been standing them against a log. She noted they were outside of the cemetery under some trees.

Betty also asked about the Recycling Center and the possible charge of $1 per bag to dump, she feels this would encourage better recycling, less consumption, it would maybe make people more aware of what they are disposing.  Mark said that 350 cars come through in a Saturday that it would be impossible to handle the charge/collection of the fee without another couple of people on staff.

Security cameras are being considered for the Recycling Center as there have been problems with garbage being dumped after hours outside the gates.

Chair Fahey then stated that 2 cell towers are being installed on County D and Hwy 92.

Next year’s Annual Meeting (2018) will be held on the third Wednesday of April, 7 pm.

MOTION (JC/MG) to adjourn, all in favor, approved. 8:20 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Candee J. Christen, clerk



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