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Regular Board Meeting
Jul 08, 2013


Town Hall, Monday, July 8, 2013; 7:30 – 8:21pm


Board members in attendance-Chair Fahey, Supervisors Gundlach and Zweifel, Clerk Christen.

General- 10 people

Call to order- Chair Fahey called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm and noted that the meting had been properly posted at the designated three posting locations.


Minutes-June minutes were approved with no changes, MOTION (Gundlach, Zweifel)

Treasurer report- June ending balance was $244,517.37, approved, MOTION (Zweifel, Gundlach)


Announcements-Clerk Christen will be out of the office for a week attending the UW Green Bay Clerks Institute.


Committee updates-

            Park- the basketball court will be installed soon, the dirt has been scraped. The Marion Chicks family has donated a bench to the park with donations made in memory of Marian, it has been installed.  They would also like to donate a tetherball set to the park. The dead trees have been replaced and Chair Fahey has staked and watered them.

            Recycling- stickers are to be ordered and handed out in September.  Signs have curbed the improper dumping in the large dumpsters.  The large dumpsters are to be used only for items that the resident has paid to dispose in that dumpster.  The large dumpsters are NOT for general disposal by the residents.  Window stickers will be ordered and handed out in September along with rules of the Center to residents.  Hours are 7:30 to 3:30 and all vehicles must arrive early enough for departure from the Center by 3:30 pm.

            Weed Commissioner- Marc Peterson was present to inform the board he had sent out letters for compliance with the noxious weed laws.  He has been around the town twice for inspections.


Citizen Input-

            -Bruce Woods, James Matson, Ron Wallom, Jason Erickson and Kevin Pankonin were present to discuss the recent flooding issues at Carla Drive. Green County highway had recently replaced a culvert on Cty Hwy D with a 36” tube and it now discharges water into Carla Drive faster than the tube in Carla Dive can discharge out of the area.  The town was not made a ware of the culvert replacement in advance and has discussed this with Green County Highway.  The County will replace the culvert in Carla Drive with a 36” tube and will split the cost with the town.  This is not a budgeted road project but the town will move forward with the replacement.

            -Brian Julson inquired as to why the gates are closed off to the brush pile at the Recycling Center.  The board stated that this was allowed as just a small disposal area out of courtesy and had recently been abused by residents with large amounts of items as well as dressers and junk being disposed of during week.  It has been closed off and will remain that way and no longer be offered.   Residents may compost or burn on their own property or hire someone to remove brush form their properties.  The town is only responsible for disposal of a resident’s normal household refuse.


Old Business

            -WI Move to Amend Resolution

Resident Ann Colville explained the resolution presented to the board at the Annual Meeting April 2013.  The board has discussed it at the may, June and now the July board meetings.  This is an advisory resolution.  With no questions from those present Supervisor Zweifel made the MOTION to approve the WI Move to Amend Resolution, approved (Zweifel, Gundalch) all in favor.

            -Village of Belleville Extra Territorial Plan- request for comments.  The board has sought the opinions from the Town’s attorney and the Plan Commission.


New Business-

            -Harry Turner lot- The Plan Commssion has reviewed the requirements for the creation of a lot for Harry Turner and all fees have been paid .The Plan Commission has recommended approval.  MOTION to approve the Plan Commissins recommendation of the lot (Zwiefel, Fahey), approved. Supervisor Gundlach abstained from any discussion and action.

            -Green County U.W. Extension Assurance of nondiscrimination form- the Clerk explained that U.W. Extension needs assurance of compliance from the towns in the county in order to receive Federal Grants.  MOTION (Gundlach, Zweifel), approve the form and sign for submittal to U.W. Extension.  All approved.


Bills approved as presented, MOTION (Zweifel, Gundlach)

Adjournment, MOTION (Gundlach, Zweifel) approved, adjourned at 8:21 pm


Respectfully submitted,


Candee J. Christen, Clerk




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