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Plan Commission
May 15, 2018



Town of Exeter Plan Commission

May 15, 2018

7 PM

Present: Chair Paul O’Connor, Ed Short, Mark Gundlach, Jeremy Biermeier and Clerk Christen


Public Hearing-

              Mike and Deb Olson- Chair O’Connor described the land division creating one lot, stating it would be north of the current driveway and would be a shared drive with the existing driveway and access to the new parcel. Public comment: Board Chair Fahey asked what the size of the parcel would be.  E. Short, representing the Olsons stated it would be 3.6 acres and that they would split off the farm land and deed restrict the remaining land as ag land. There being no other questions Chair O’Connor closed the hearing for the Olson CSM.

Jay and Helen Francois-Chair O’Connor explained the land division which would split 55.3 acres, creating a 10 acre parcel including the driveway and buildings.  Land Use plan allows the splitting off of farm land from the buildings.  The remaining acreage would be deed restricted and no further residential building could take place on it.  Sue Hellenbrand asked if it would be one driveway and there will be an easement between the buyer and the Ag land owner. E. Short, representing Francois stated Jay would place a perpetual easement for ingress/egress on the parcel. No further questions Chair O’Connor closed the hearing for the Francois CSM.  7:16 pm


Plan Commission Meeting

7:20 PM

PC Chair O’Connor called the meeting to order.

Minutes-February 12, 2018, MOTION (MG/JB), all in favor.

Unfinished Business-none


              Mike and Deb Olson CSM, N8948 Christen Road, Belleville-create a 3.6 acre lot with a shared driveway agreement to be ready at signature of the CSM, need to deed restrict 26.4 acres at the time of signing from no further residential building. MOTION (MG/JB), all in favor. E. Short abstained.

              Jay and Helen Francois CSM, N8715 Cty Hwy CC, Belleville-create a 10 acre parcel, will need a copy of the easement for access at signing, deed restriction on lot 2 from no further residential development must be recorded. Motion to approve lot 1 with a survey describing the easement and a deed restriction for non-residential use attached, MOTION (MG/ JB), all in favor.  E. Short abstained.


Chair O’Connor brought to the Committees attention a weakness in the land use plan- there is a problem with getting documents recorded as agreed upon at approval. Chair O’Connor offered the recommendation that on any land division the town take control of the documents for approval, taking the documents and having them recorded and charging a fee back to the divider.   This discussion will be placed on the town agenda for June or July discussion if a meeting is required.


Another item for discussion would be the recommendation 250’ spacing between driveways.


Board Chair Fahey noted he had issued a driveway permit for Nehmers on Argue Road, the drive way entrance is in Exeter but the majority of the driveway as well as the house will be in the Town of New Glarus.

Adjourn, MOTION (ES/JB), all in favor. Adjourned 7:37 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Candee J. Christen, Clerk

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